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climbing development program

RCC offers a climbing development program with courses designed for newcomers as well as for climbers that want to further develop their skills. These courses are organized periodically and required a minimum quorum of 10 people, all courses are endorsed by IFSC.


There are many dangerous practices out there that you can avoid by learning from a professional. You can join us to learn to be self-sufficient and empowered on your climbs. At the end of this course, you’ll not only walk away with new rock-climbing skills but also with amazing memories.

Basic Course

This course is designed to provide anyone from 7 years old and up with basic knowledge and climbing techniques to begging climbing safely. No physical attitudes or previous climbing experience is required. Duration 2 days, Price $175 per person including gear.

Intermediate Course

This program is intended for those that completed the “Basic Course” or for top rope climbers that like to start lead climbing as well as gaining more climbing techniques, belaying skills and rope management. The participants require a minimum top rope climbing grade of 5.10+ and solid knowledge of rappelling and belaying.  Duration 2 Days, Price $275.

Advanced Course

Lead Climbing Class


Learn lead climbing techniques and learn how to clean a route safely. Tired of depending on someone else to put a rope up for you? Ready to get some rock-climbing independence? This is the course for you. In this lead climbing course, we teach you how to be a sport climbing aficionado. Not only do we teach all lead climbing techniques, but we focus intently on learning how to clean a route safely. Which is hugely important at outdoors. Clipping bolts have been an essential part of the advancement of the climbing community and difficult grades. Duration 1 Day, Price $115.


Trad Climbing Course


We'll teach you the techniques and skills you need to place gear for leading and building anchors. Trad Climbing, short for traditional, is the purest form of protecting yourself as you climb. We teach techniques to give you the skills to place removable gear for leading and building anchors. This is a more advanced climbing course. From placing/removing gear and proper belay techniques, to how to make an anchor and manage a stuck rope, Intro to Trad Climbing takes the guesswork out of exploring traditionally protected climbs. If you’re a sport climber who wants to add a new dimension to your climbing. Learn these techniques at Tafelberg but use them at any Trad area anywhere in the world. We advise taking a three-day course and focus on crack climbing skills on the second day. Gear Included in Your Traditional Climbing Course: Helmets, climbing shoes, harnesses, and ropes Duration 1 Day, Price $175.

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